I’m pretty average at everything I do. It really depends on your perspective and definition of average but I hold myself to high expectations and standards. It’s impossible for them to be met. I like to believe that I’m a above average father, that maybe someday I’ll sit back and say that I was a great dad. There’s no chance that I’m great right now though, too small of a sample size. I learn everyday and sooner or later it will all come together and be consistently awesome. Then I will be confronted by teenagers….


Funny Story. When Piper was born I thought it was weird for her to be in the bathroom with me while I’m using it. Well, like everything else you get over your own spacial issues. She has to be somewhere. When she’s awake, I play a game where I run to the bathroom and try to pee before she gets there. I used to be able to beat her but she’s running now and has not inherited the famous Grant speed (she’s fast, we’re not). I’m mid-stream and she’s standing there. The other day she pointed. Today she added a laugh while pointing. I was speechless and didn’t know what to do. Ha.  I’m guessing this is one of those father-daughter moments.