As much as we don’t want it to happen, it does. We become our parents or in the least we take on many attributes they have. You can fight it and you can delay it for a long time but there will be a time when you say, “dammit, I sound like my Mom.”

The only reason I’m writing this is to see if we can break the cycle of assholes. You see, if you’re an asshole, turns out there’s a great chance that your kid will be too. I’m pleading with parents everywhere to stop being assholes. It’s the only way to change the world. Less assholes.

You may be asking, “Billy, how do I know if I’m an asshole?” No need to ask, if you are you know it. I’ve never met an asshole that didn’t know he was an asshole.

Now, you may be a part time asshole. This is way different.  I’ve certainly been guilty of this. As long as your making an effort to limit your asshole behavior and NOT being an asshole in directly in front of your young children, I think you’ll be okay. Kids learn asshole behavior from assholes. It doesn’t just magically appears.

“Asshole parents will stop being assholes and what follows will be less asshole kids.” This mission statement it moot. The problem is that an asshole doesn’t know how to stop. We are doomed to live in a world along side the assholes. So we must learn to coexist and that’s a whole other post.

Maybe I just wanted to flex my 1st Amendment right and say Asshole 17 times, oops 18.