Our daycare had vacation last week and the week before was Thanksgiving, so we are rusty at getting ready early. I made some errors in preparedness for the day. My normal drop off is 7:30 am and then it’s off to the gym I go. I work out for two solid hours and then go get some food, then it’s school time, golf practice, school time, after noon work out, library study time, last class, then pick little P up at 530 pm. Busy, busy day.

During my workout I am always thinking of life, writing, friends…hey speaking of friends, I have some in town this weekend. One of my best friends; he texted me yesterday telling me they would be here and Friday was the only day that they could hang out. It made me upset that I got a last minute “heads up.” Believe it or not, keeping in touch with my “friends” is important to me. As the blood was pumping through my body, I wrote a text to him about my disappointment. I got an “OK” back. I was HOT, OK? That’s it, OK?! Well, it fueled a spirited end to my work out and I showered. I came up with all sorts of expletive comments I was going to text. When I saw my phone there were follow up messages. He said he was sorry for the last minute, they’ll be back soon and we’ll all hang out, they miss us, etc… Just enough to  make me feel like an ass for having those thoughts. Damn. This is why text messages cannot be emotionally interpreted.

So, I’m standing at my locker feeling like a shit and I realized I didn’t pack clean underwear. That’s fitting but not the end of the world. In my single days I spent plenty of time “airing out the nugs.” Next, shit no belt. This is a problem. I have been slimming down lately. My pants don’t fit right and forget about plumber’s, my whole damn ass hangs out. This is a unique style of the youth but they at the very least have something on underneath. For the last few weeks at school, I have been fighting this battle. My pants sag a little, even when belted. When I feel air in the upper crack region I think, “am I in a seat that has one of those annoying holes in the back? Is the person behind me staring at my ass? Or is it solid and I shouldn’t worry about it?” I can’t check with my hand because then I am weirdly playing with my ass in class. So I do that butt shuffle forward in my seat trying to pull my pants up without actually touching them. Now, take that whole situation and add that I don’t have a belt or man panties. I start to freak out a little and then my voice of reason, aka my wife, reminds me that I am an adult. “Go buy a belt.” Problem solved.

Have a great day everyone. Might talk to ya again today.