Dubs: The Golden State Warriors are making the NBA fun again. I will fully admit to being a part time viewer for the last decade or so. I could break down the entire team, per player but I don’t have the time. Let’s just say  a team like this has never been assembled and there is no questioning their records. 19-0 and going. Am I a band wagon jumping fan? No but I am watching and have watched more basketball this season already than since the 90’s. Like I’ve said before, if you’re not watching, you’re missing something very special.


Tiger’s Press Conference: Yesterday Tiger Woods had a press conference at the Hero World Challenge. A lot of people and media pundants have labeled it as sad. Tiger used words like “don’t know” and eluded to a career in his rear-view. I heard something completely different. I heard a father trying to get healthy so he can play with his kids. I heard a golfer that doesn’t want to play at an average level. That’s something that people don’t understand. You hear the question, “why doesn’t he just slow his swing down?” He doesn’t want to because that would label him as just another tour pro, he is not. I don’t think he is done. Three micro disectemy surgeries on your back is no joke but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his show up at the 2016 Masters. I hope he has a few more major wins in him but it’s not SAD if he doesn’t.