This post is an emotional outlet. If it doesn’t pertain to you, please take no offense.

Where are inspirational people? I’ll tell you where. They are serving themselves. There doesn’t seem to be any people left that truly want to help others with no strings attached. I look at my own life and reflect. I made a big list the other day of all the teachers, managers and coaches that I could think of and also included people that I thought should be instrumental in inspiring my life (the list starts mid-high school). The list was huge. The question I had for myself was, “of all these people, did any of them make me want to be better?” I won’t go into detail but let’s just say that there were only a few check marks next to names. For the most part I could see a lot of self serving, ego driven, money lusting, arrogant “leaders.” What I did get from most of these people were reasons that I’m not good enough and that maybe I should just accept my lot in life. So thanks for that. I am disappointed in the quality of instruction out there. That is a broad stroke statement that applies to all walks of careers. I used to watch a golf pro give lessons while texting and looking at his I phone. I’ve had teachers that don’t take into consideration different learning styles and cast students aside as failures. I’ve had coaches that treat everyone the same, like shit and think that the volume of there voice is a true motivator. I wonder if true inspiration only happens in movies? Now, I know what you might be saying, “grow up Billy, quit being a whiny bitch,” those people have probably moved on by now, so I’m not worried about your waste of air.  I’m basically posting this for two reasons. 1. I needed it and I didn’t get it and it pisses me off. I feel robbed. I had some pretty cool talents that weren’t realized and that pisses me off. I’ve heard, “if you wanted extra help, you should have asked for it.” My response is, “I was a fucking kid…” 2. I’ve run into some very real inspirational teachers/friends in my adult years and want to make sure they know that I will do anything for them.


Catherine Jester (DVC Professor), Jenn O’Neal (DVC Professor),Karen Davies (LPGA), Jimmy Foust (Friend, RIP),  Mick Soli (PGA), Jon Stanley (PGA), Steve Munson (Father-in-Law)… There are more but my emotions are getting in the way of rational thought right now, so I need to wrap this up and go to a class where a I do more for the students than the teacher does.


I’m only bringing this up now because my path is leading me towards being a teacher. I plan on being the best teacher the world has ever seen, despite my lack of inspirational leaders. And if I’m going to be your colleague I have questions. If you are a teacher. If you are a coach. If you are a manager. Don’t you want someone to put you on a list like this? Don’t you want your legacy to be more than just meaningless trophies, self high fives and paychecks? These are probably just empty questions sent careening into a vacuum but at least I got it off my chest. Teachers don’t even read anymore…