When three people within the same household have a cold, you go through a ton of Kleenex. We’ve filled our quota of mucus in the last week for sure. I’m happy to say that I feel quite a bit better today. Piper is fully energized with only a cough every two hours or so and wife got up and went to work this morning with no seemed issues. It will still be a couple days until we are 100% but I don’t think, like I did 2 days ago, that we have contracted an Armageddon style virus. I would like to apologize to anyone that contracted this from me. Probability says that is would be someone at the gym or in one of my classes, so I don’t know you and you are not reading this. So, why am I apologizing? Well, perhaps someone on here is too polite to give us the word finger for being out and contagious. I sorry.

Being sick you end up with some down time. I’ve been reading other writers material and I’ve been reading my own. One thing I’ve noticed is of lack of synergy and quality in mine that other writers have nailed. So, I think I’m going to start two other blogs. This one will remain active and will contain weird social commentary, my life experiences and dreams/nightmares.

With much mulling I’ve decided the next two will be sites that contain two my my life loves: golf and beer. Every time I play golf or have something to say about it, it will be documented. When I try a new beer or an old friend, you can access what I think about it. These will slowly be rolled out this month, as Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, life is busy. As soon as they are active, you will know.