So, I don’t have a lot of time but it’s one of those days where I just need to quickly get a couple pieces of “thought shit” out of my brain. It’s like a quick bathroom stop to lighten my load.  Here we go. Good Luck.

There are 320 million people in the US. A little over 70 million are under the age of 18, so that leaves 250 million people. The media giants on Television are Fox News, CNBC and CNN. Fox News is by far the most watched and they are anchored by the far right. CNBC lures people from the far left in and CNN doesn’t really know who they are. You might think that these media conglomerates are all powerful, well you’d be wrong. In the 70’s Tom Brokaw took over the NBC Nightly News, by the end of his multi decade run at the top, they averaged almost 9.5 million viewers every night. That’s true media, trusted media. Fox News gets about 2 million viewers per day, CNBC in 2nd gets about 900,000 and CNN about 700,000. All combined that’s a bit over 3.5 million viewers. I want to speak directly to the news outlets. You are a disgrace to our country. You are entertainment for the few that cannot think for themselves. People have stopped caring about you. We used to trust you as a nation but you can’t even cover simple stories without spewing your extremist rhetoric. Only 3.5 million out of 250 million people of voting age are watching your shitty shit, so why are you moderating these bull shit debates?  Fuck off. We need a new Tom Brokaw and it’s not fucking Harvey Levin from TMZ. How does it feel to be out scooped by these assholes? Anderson Cooper, I’m talking to you? Is the nightly news a dead medium? If so, who do we trust to deliver news? This is all rhetorical blathering, there is no need for comment here. ((proceeding numbers are from online sources that are probably full of shit too, no fact checking necessary.))

Police violence is real people but so are the people committing violent crime. I think the problem that people like me have with cops is that they are not trained well enough. I am in a class with a cop that is taking night classes to get a advanced degree, good for him but he’s been a police officer now for 10 years with a high school degree and a few weeks of training. I have the utmost respect for him but I asked him a question the other day while we were waiting for class to start and was taken back a little. I asked if a perp (cop code for “disorderly asshole”) pulled a knife and came at him from 10 yards what would he do? “I would empty my magazine into his chest.” I asked, “do you carry anything that would put a non lethal end to the situation?” “I can get my gun faster and yes, I carry at least four other forms of non lethal weapons but I can shoot faster.” I went into an interview mode and my conclusion was that he was trained a hell of a lot more to use his handgun than his other implements. He got irritated with me when I applied humanity to the “perp.” I called him a teenager, hanging with the wrong crowd, making mistakes, wrong place wrong time, a son, a brother… maybe he gets his shit together some day, maybe he becomes a role model for kids from his neighborhood, maybe he turns it around, maybe or maybe not but he’s dead, so we’ll never know and it’s because your not trained enough? He told me that I made good points and it was something that he would have to think about. I don’t know the answer but I think cases need to be handled on an individual basis. Stop lumping everything together into your bull shit online causes.  Stop posting #copslivesmatter , #alllivesmatter , #whitelivesmatter… You’ll notice I didn’t say stop posting #blacklivesmatter. That’s because I don’t know what it’s like and I’m not a privileged white asshole that thinks he can identity with a culture that has been oppressed since they landed on these shores.  Keep fighting for your civil rights people, whatever it takes…((again, rhetorical blathering. no comments necessary.)) Oh yeah and if you are wondering, my class mate isn’t a cop in Oakland or Vallejo, he works in Walnut fucking Creek (bay area Scottsdale for you that don’t live here) shift.

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure most of you don’t agree with me on a lot of social issues but that’s what makes us great, right? Even with that some will call me a “bleeding heart liberal,” some names will be worse.  We don’t have to agree but we do have to live next to one another.  A lot of discussion about these topics in my classes and again, the younger generation seems to have a better handle on these situations. My respect for them grows. Yeah, I don’t like their music, dress or out ward attitudes but a select population of the Millennials are really intelligent. They are our future, time to listen for a change. Time to listen to each other. Time to quit being a country of entitled assholes.

There I feel better and about 5 pounds lighter.