I’ve spent so many hours in the last couple months with the millennial generation. I’ve spent so many hours listening to the millennial generation. I’ve been trying to figure out the differences and similarities. It’s amazing what you can learn, if you just listen, a lost skill for everyone in our country. I’ve come to some conclusions. The main one is that all the generations aren’t really that much different, nobody likes to hear this and is quick to argue their superiority. Each has there own problems, each there own successes. My daughter’s generation is called “generation Z,” I have no idea what she will encounter. Through pure observation I think I’ve found one of the biggest differences and worries to me, between X and Millennial. It’s called PRESERVATION. This is not merely pointed at preserving the outdoors and wilderness areas. This is about preserving history, experiences and institutions. Here are a few examples: for my birthday we went to the drive in movie theater. This was an institution when I was a kid. It was a big deal to go here and now there are only a few left in the state. I wonder, that if with the improvement of home theater technology, are regular movie theaters next? Oh, blockbuster movies still resonate and pack seats but how many of these are Millennials, most are X, the Star Wars Generation. Next: Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. A rare thing and if I were a kid I would have thought of only one thing; Trick or Treating!! We dressed up with our one year old and went to a few houses in my in-laws neighborhood (family friends), an upscale neighborhood that usually packs the streets. One thing we noticed is that at least half the houses were dark, nobody home. There were a few hoards of costumed children but nothing like it used to be, and this was a freaking Saturday. Just looking online it seems that most people are opting for parties now, forgoing trick or treating. The people out leading their kids around, my generation. One more: I have a friend that I haven’t seen in almost 20 years and he perhaps is leading a underground movement of preservation. He is a user and promoter of the old fashion straight blade. That’s a razor sharp blade that’s used for shaving. This may seem silly to some but this is a dying part of history.

Conclusion. I’m sure there are always small percentages of people in every generation that hold onto and even live preservation of history. But I look into the future of the new ones coming up and I see less of a care for it. Drive for progress is great and all but are we forgetting where and when we come from?