A big thank you to everyone that reached out to me for my birthday. I felt the love. I received so many via text, phone, Facebook, IM that I lost count, ok so it was about 150!!  I made effort to send each of you a personal note. A majority of the messages were standard Happy Birthdays but there were plenty that were personal. It feels nice to know that you are touching peoples’ lives. As for my birthday itself, well I didn’t do shit. It was a Monday and I even went to classes in the evening, I wanted to skip so bad. The prior weekend was when we celebrated.

On Friday I treated myself to a round of golf at Eagle Viines Golf Course in Napa. I played with a good friend and even though we both didn’t play well, we had a great time. On Saturday Stephanie and Piper took me to Santa Cruz, one of my favorite NorCal places. We participated in tasting at a  chili cook off at the boardwalk. There were over 50 entries but there was no way to try them all. I think I’m going to enter next year. My chili could win. It’s better than my own Mother’s! Sorry Mom but you know the truth. Later we went to dinner and I got to have a nice IPA, then we loaded up the family truckster and went to the drive in movie. These are disappearing institutions and there are only a few left in California. Little P slept the whole time and we watched the Martian, good flick. A lazy Sunday (sugar crash) followed and my birthday was over. It was perfect. Next year I think we’ll go big though. A big number is coming for me. This may be a surprise to some of you I went to school with because I am nearly 2 years older than a lot of you. I started school late and was held back in the 3rd grade. I’ve talked about this before but wanted to reiterate it to clear up any confusion over my last year in the thirties.

Have a great rest of your week and Thanks again. The love was definitely felt.