I’m really sick of seeing addicts in the news and plastered all over the internet. It’s not that I think that they don’t deserve the attention, it’s that with that kind of incredible invasion of privacy it’s impossible for them to get clean! You don’t understand what this man is going through, unless you’ve been there. I only started that climb to “addict mountain” and was lucky to not get completely swallowed but there is no possible way I would have made it to where I am today if a fucking camera was in my face every minute. I would have squeezed that trigger, no doubt. I sometimes wonder if certain media, TMZ and others, would rather a gruesome end. Harvey, did you get a super bullshit media high when Robin Williams died? Go fuck yourself! Addicts are people and you obviously don’t understand recovery.

I’m also tired of posts on Face Book and other social media sites comparing people like Lamar and Caitlyn Jenner to military members. They are completely different folks and your post is dumb. Not everyone that enlists in the military are heroes either dipshits.  Also, the Charlie Sheen memes saying that what Mr. Odom is going through is like a “Tuesday Night” in his world is totally fucked up. Addiction is not funny assholes.

Sorry for the soap box shit guys. I really don’t want this to turn into a “you know what grinds my gears” blog but sometimes I just want to tell you to shut up.