Great is overused. I get sick hearing about how “great” some people  are. I think the overuse of the word takes away from truly great people and feats. Thomas Edison was great. How does a semi funny article you re-posted live up to his greatness (that’s rhetorical by the way)? It doesn’t moron. John F. Kennedy was great? Rich family, man-whore kind of great? Marlyn Monroe…great? Drug addict overdosing kind of great? (someone will have to explain to me why she is a role model to women someday, cuz I don’t get it.) I agree that many “great” people in our history have had issues. Some of my favorites have had serious situations and not all have made it, RIP Kurt.  I don’t judge, I just wonder when do we take away their great label or do they just get an asterisk?  Or maybe we have to use our brains and separate them from their careers? Tiger Woods is great, however I wouldn’t want my kid to grow up to be like him. All I am really saying with this bullshit article is that next time you say, “that was great!!” Ask yourself, “was it though?”

Someday I’ll post more words that drive me nuts and make it feel like I have sand crammed in my banana hammock. There is one that makes me vomit full on and swallow the whole mess back and it’s not even a real word. HELLA. I get sick even typing it. I can’t even right now. I don’t have the energy.

I’m not trying to be a grammar nazi, I have issues with you too!! I’m just saying, “can you at least try to sound a little smarter?”