The Bayonet Golf Course in Seaside California is one of the hardest tracks on the west coast. It is fair however, with renovations many years ago and some trimming it is very playable, yet still really really hard. It is one of my favorite golf courses I’ve gotten to play numerous times. Yesterday I tee’d it up in the Pre qualifier for the Monday qualifier. Yes, that’s qualifying to qualify. Years ago the PGA Tour started this “prequalifying” for the Mondays. They said it was to weed out the field and send the guys home that don’t belong. We all know that it is to make more money though. That’s what the tour is, a money machine. That’s what a majority of the golf business has become, the bottom line. Golf has lost a bit of the love. I will fully admit that in my prime, as short as it was, all I could think about was that big check on tour. It’s easy to get caught up in the quest for more dollars but in the end does that make you happy. No. Off topic: I implore everyone reading this to watch the documentary “I AM,” by Tom Shadyac. He directed Ace Ventura and many more successful comedies, made millions and millions. You may be surprised by his new views on life. I loved it.

My point? I played yesterday because I love competition and golf. Did I make a slight error in trying to come back without playing very much, on one of the most difficult tracks? Absolutely. I shot +10, 82. I didn’t play all that bad but when you play at a beast like that every mistake is amplified. You miss and your ball is  taken to an even worst place. I played with a nice young man, just out of college, from southern California. His game was good but something else grabbed my attention. You could really see his passion for the game and respect for the game. I’ve run into a few youngsters in recent months and years. The game is in good shape and has a good future ahead. Now if only those pesky governing bodies would reintroduce some LOVE back into what they do. Yeah, I’m talking to you USGA, R&A, PGA, LPGA, every Section, every Region, etc…