I don’t know what to write about. Kind of stuck, blocked if you will. SO, I’m gonna list some stuff and if you could, help me? What would you like to read.

Guns….still fighting this battle.

Vaccinated our One Year old today….sorry hippies….

Broncos Defense might win them more that Peyton ever could…..

Golf, Do I have anything left?

My cats are dicks sometimes but they are still better than your pathetic dogs….

Back to school is hard, I don’t know if I can do it….

Doubt is a ruthless bitch and I have a hard time getting rid of it….

Cool Clubs was more than a job for me and some days miss it….

I try really hard and am below average…

Cars are stupid…

I want to be a teacher but don’t know if I have what it takes….

Criminal Minds and why I’m addicted to the show…

Technology is awesome and that’s not always good….

Why I hate Apple….

My back yard ideas…

California is a great place to live and really shitty sometimes….

There are many many many many many more things I could write about but I’m not sure which direction to take this blog. I know some get tired of same old topics and I really would like to grow my readership. I may be towards the end on here. I just don’t know….. to be continued…..