Being 100% committed to something is hard, especially when it’s not the popular choice. When I quit playing football (or trying to play football, a long long long long time ago)  to pursue a career as a golf professional I was met with a certain family “What the eff?”, especially from the young guys. Guess what, now everyone wants to play golf. Another great example of this is the choice to not drink alcohol. I have at least a half dozen friends/family that don’t drink and sure there are a variety of reasons for it; from court mandates to personal decisions however,  it remains a choice and it’s not a popular one. The commitment it takes to stick to it and not give in to the pressure of life is awesome and I respect it.

I caught wind of one of my favorite people in the world recently making a commitment. She decided to go vegetarian. This is definitely met with resistance and shaking heads. I’ve done this several times in my adult life (going veg) but it usually only lasts a few weeks or months and then I cave to societies ideas of what I should be. The family that’s involved here (my cousin family) are a bunch of meat heads, no offense guys. “Our life revolves around when our next steak is,” says the matriarch of the family. So being a vegetarian in this family is hard and pressure will be intense. I’ve decided to support my cousin and do it myself. I know that I will feel great and will probably end up cheating once or twice but I will continue to support my cousin Katie. I love you my dear and am here for you.

“You never know how STRONG you are,

until being STRONG is the only choice you have…”  -unknown