In two weeks Stephanie and I are going to the Foo Fighters concert. We are excited; them being a household favorite. So, like before any concert, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Foo. The song “my Hero,” is one of my favorites and it set off a weird stream of thoughts the other day. I started with a question, “who is my hero?” I melted through a huge list of people in my brain. Everyone from Tiger, to Jordan, to other celebrities, to historical men and women, skaters, surfers, artists,writers,  to my own mother; unfortunately none have fit the bill (mom of course being the closest…). In fact, since birth, I have been on an epic quest in search of a hero. I’ve been to the bottom of hell and very near the top of the mountain but no luck. There are plenty of people that I look up to but none of the “hero” status. I’ve exhausted my search and in one moment, just the other day, my search ended.

I was simply playing with my daughter in her room. As I stood up; she through her head back and with the most pure blue eyes looked up at me. I am her hero. Right now anyways. So in that moment, “I decided to be the hero in my story.” Those were the exact words I used in my head. I still have huge aspirations. The goals are big and wasted time holds back those accomplishments from happening. Part of turning this into reality is making my body feel better. I excused myself from my home and went to the gym that night. I worked and planned. I can see the destination.

Later that night my wife and I watched a movie called, “The Judge.” Vera Farmiga has a line in the movie. She says, “I decided to be the hero in my own story.” I got goose bumps as my thoughts were fully echoed on the screen. A sign or exact coincidence? It doesn’t really matter but I know I will be working hard.
“There goes my Hero,

watch him as he goes.

There goes my Hero,

he’s ordinary!!”