I had an awful nightmare last night and it has stuck with me all day. I wanna preface this by saying this is a super sensitive topic and I don’t want to minimalize it in any way. I dreamed that Piper died. It was one of those all night dreams. It was vivid and hurt terribly, I couldn’t make it stop. I know several people that have lost their children and I can’t imagine but apparently my subconscious wanted me to know. It ran the gambit of the terrifying discovery, to calling and telling loved ones.  I don’t have really that much to say but my heart goes out to those parents that have had to watch as one of their young slips into the afterlife. I truly want to hug you right now….

On the lighter side;  the little one woke up extra early this morning and Stephanie got up to feed her. It interrupted my dream, thank god. When I went back to that world we discovered Piper was not dead but was in fact a full grown man. Thank you brain. Use humor to deal with the difficult. I thought for a second I was losing that defense mechanism.

PS… Piper will be picked up early from daycare today;-) Have a great holiday weekend everyone. Enjoy your friends and families.