We saw the band Incubus last night. My throat hurts from screaming every song. They are really really good in concert, real artists. I always come away with two thoughts after seeing an act like them. 1. I am not talented, but oddly it motivates me to work, to work hard and become. 2. I am incredibly lucky. I found someone that loves the same kind of loud music I do. I don’t really know how a relationship can work without having that in common. I’m not going to say that I  like all music she does and she certainly doesn’t like everything I do but we have so many “band likes” in common. We are going to see our favorite in 2 weeks, Foo Fighters. Happy Anniversary honey!!

You haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m back in school. This is my 3rd full semester at Diablo Valley College. I’ve had a lot of anxiety about going back to school but it seems to be subsiding. It’s interesting being around this young generation. They are really misunderstood and understood. I don’t know if every generation is like this one but I don’t think so. I said yesterday, “every class I hear one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard and every class I hear one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.” That was evident today but the dumb part was a lot less and almost everyone in the class contributed. The question was about the upcoming presidential election. I thought, “oh boy, this is going to get ugly…” However, it didn’t. They had really good input. Everything from what bothers them about politics and what they think a candidate should be. I even heard a kid, whom I assumed had a redwood sapling where is brain should have been, say the word “discourse” and he used it in context correctly. My contribution to class, “I’ve heard some amazing things today and am impressed. Why do you guys not get involved more? ”  Again I was met with impressive answers. The moral to the story today, “don’t judge a book by it’s  hormone crazed, monotone, skinny jean wearing, awful tatoo havin, wicked drug taking covers.”