I look into my baby’s eyes. I see no hate. I see no bigotry. I see an innocent child. I’ve read so many comments about Caytlan Jenner this morning and in the last few months. I was going to leave it be, not get involved but I can’t hold my tongue. I can’t believe some of hate that’s typed online and/or said out loud. I don’t get you but I think I have an understanding of where you come from. You were taught it. Your parents told you to think that way or your environment told you to think that way. Instead of being given some rope to learn on your own, you were programmed. Chances are you don’t know anyone in the LGBT community. Chances are you have never taken time to talk to anyone there. It’s just like most racists that have never taken time to talk to a person of a different color. Ignorance is misunderstanding on purpose. You are afraid you will upset your family or your God. Does your God really get upset if you want to know more?  You know what I’ve learned being out in the big world for some time now. People are People. Love is Love. We are all the same. Most people go through this life starting in the same place, an innocent child. If you don’t get it, just listen. If you don’t agree with it, that’s ok. Just be respectful of another’s opinions.