I walked onto the Philadelphia Cricket Club grounds and I could feel the history of the place in the grass. The golf club was founded in 1854. I’ve never been on a older property with such prestige. I’ve played at San Francisco Golf Club. I’ve played at Cypress Point Club. I’ve never felt the history like I did this week. It’s in the people, it’s in the walls, it’s in the streets, it is everywhere you turn.

I caddy for my friend Jon. He is the only person that I will do it for. Caddying is hard. I’ve worked some difficult jobs in my life. Both long hours and physical labor kind of jobs that will break your back. I’ve never worked as hard as I have on the golf course as a caddy. You don’t just carry the bag, if you’re good that is. You are an integral part of a team. You make sure everything is right. You act as a second pair of eyes. You act as a sports psychologist. You are an equipment manager. You are an extension of your player, if you’re any good that is. I worked hard this week, really hard and it just wasn’t enough. Probably one of the hardest things as a caddy is watching your man hit poor shots. Could I have done or said anything different, probably not but it’s natural to have these thoughts, if you’re any good that is. I pride myself in my work for my friend and I take it very seriously and personal. I don’t know how many more of these we will have left but I will be there, more than likely, to support my friend.

Philadelphia is an amazing place. I really didn’t understand this until I walked into Independence Hall. The history is thick in the air. If you are quiet and can listen with your whole being, you can hear the pen signing those historic documents. My wife always tells me about a trip they took as kids with their parents to all the historic sites on the east coast. I can’t wait to do that now. Strange, but as an American there is a pull, a draw. If you can’t feel that, you’re just not paying attention. Pay attention and quit complaining about “first world” shit America, this country is pretty cool and history surrounds you. If you would just take your eyes off your screen for a moment and shut up. Listen.

And yes, like a tourist, I did have two Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. They are awesome but I’m pretty sure I would weigh 300 lbs if I lived here. Thanks for having us PA. We will be back.