Chapter 1, MJ

Somewhere in the early 90’s my family got hooked on the Chicago Bulls. I had Jordan Jumpman posters all over my room. I even had the ultimate fan videos, Come Fly With Me series. I jumped with both feet, squarely onto the Bulls bandwagon. It was fun and at the time I couldn’t imagine cheering for any other team. We huddled around the television and watched as Mike and his team became the “best ever.” Then something happened, as it does. The guys all got old and retired. That’s the shortened version of the real life dramas that unfolded but eventually it was over and the NBA entered the “years after MJ…” I exited  my viewership from the NBA for a long time, it just didn’t seem the same.

Chapter 2, Nash

In 2002 I got to go to a Phoenix Suns game. I was immediately hooked. Once again I leapt on a wagon, this one was orange. Steve Nash was amazing in person and the run and gun style of the team provided entertainment value that I thought the NBA lacked for a very long time. It wasn’t long before I was donning a Suns cap and knew the roster inside and out. I thought I would never leave them but then the unthinkable happened. Steve pulled on the piss yellow jersey of the LA Lakers. I have a hard time with modern professional sports. Free agency takes away rivalry and the perception that a player plays for your city. It is a business and that’s it. You could argue that the only reason the teams want to win championships is that the more games they play, the more money they make.

Chapter 3, Curry

We live in the bay area now. Since we’ve been here we have witnessed an epic drought, not that fun and we have also witnessed a team go from a laughing stalk to the best team in the association. The fever is contagious and it is hard not to get excited about their play. Stephen Curry is unlike anything the NBA has ever seen. It’s amazing to think that only a few years ago analysts were saying that Curry wouldn’t make it in the profession. A few years later and he’s become the best shooter the league has ever seen and this year’s unanimous MVP. I’ve come close, close to jumping once again. I have a tee shirt. I’ve posted “Go Warriors,” on social media. I’ve been to games. I’ve even texted the owner, Joe Lacob, during said game. (he’s a customer). I’ve come close to diving completely onto this wagon. I will not though. There are varied reasons. 1. Why should I invest money and time into a team that will be different in a few short years, fuck you free agency… 2. Teams that I cheer for lose. I am the “cooler” of athletics. You don’t want me on that wall. 3. I was talking about cheering for some local teams and my wife asked me ,”want a little red wagon with that?” She’s right. The wagon is full.

Chapter 4, ?

I’m going to watch games and be entertained. Why do I have to route for teams? I like stories. I like stories of players that overcome. I like the underdog. I’ve been the underdog. The evolution on my fan-dom is long. The above is definitely the abridged version and only included one league. I could go on and on but hardly any of you are still reading…. Good Night.