Years ago I wrote an entry about being a quitter. Well, here we go again. I am quitting my job. As of June 19th I will be leaving my position as a manager and club fitter for the company Cool Clubs. This time however I am not quitting for juvenile decisions. I am leaving to pursue some dreams. For the rest of the summer, I will be at home with my daughter. I will be taking 2 online summer courses to dip my toe back in the college pool. I will be writing and God willing I will be playing a little Golf. When August 15th rolls around I will be going back to school full time for the fall semester. I am determined to be a college graduate. I would like to tell you this is a life long dream of mine but the truth is that until recent years I never thought this would be possible. The job that I am leaving has given me the confidence in myself that I have needed to pursue previously thought impossibilities. I will forever be grateful to the organization. It is very uncomfortable for me to not have a paycheck rolling in but a sometimes wise man told me once ,” leaving your comfort zone is the only way…” I’m ready for what lies ahead. I am strong. I am anxious. Thank you to all that have supported me.

More details to follow…..