Less than 1% of our population serve in the military. It would be ignorant for me to sit here and comment on what you went, go or are going through in your chosen career. I know not your courage. I know not your dedication. I know not your sacrifice. I do know loss however. I am forever sorry for yours. I don’t know anyone that has served that hasn’t suffered some kind, a loss of a brother in arms. I hope everyday that you can live your life and celebrate your brothers’. When you sign up, you sign a contract that states that you might be put in a position to sacrifice your life for the greater good. And I know for a fact that some don’t understand the gravity of that statement but many do. Living in this country is Not a right, it is a privilege. I don’t always agree with many of your politics. I don’t always agree with your policies. However,  my daughter gets to breathe free air  in large part because of you. For that I am forever grateful.  This weekend we celebrate your life.