MVP Steph Curry is a stone cold killer. Don’t let his baby face fool you, he wants you to lose. He wants to burry a 3 at the last second to rip out your faithful heart. Houston fans beware. It’s going to hurt. My question is why have sports fans began to overuse the words, “and he seems like a great guy.” Why do we insist on our athletes being “good people?” And why can’t we forgive people/athletes that have made mistakes in the past. I’ve heard friends say, “it makes him easy to root for.” “Finally someone my kids can look up to.” Fact; even if Steph wasn’t a good dude he would still command fans attention for what he can do on the court. And perception of what makes someone a great person is in the eye of the beholder. Fact; as fans you don’t really know the players. ((he really is a good dude though))

I’m just saying watch the games and be entertained. “I am not a role model.” Smartest thing Charles ever said. Listen to your parents kids and if your parents are idiots, listen to your teachers and if you teachers are idiots, listen to your coaches and if you coaches are idiots, listen to Church leaders and if they are idiots, you can talk to me. I am a reformed idiot. Forgive me?

Go Warriors!!