I found a minute this morning to scroll through yesterday’s new feed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It prompted me to ask myself this question. Is Mother’s Day the happiest and most peaceful day in our country?

To answer I thought quickly about other holidays. Christmas: what if you are not Christian? Shocking to some of you but a big population of the country is not. Can you still enjoy Christmas? You bet, I do every year. That doesn’t mean that some are not left in the dark though. Grinches live on. My heart grew of few sizes in the last year. Thanksgiving: Obesity is a problem in our country and what if you are struggling to lose those stubborn pounds. Turkey day might not be your favorite day but a serious enabler and I won’t mention my native friends’ ancestors and what happened to them. Easter: more religious holiday undertones. Again, us non-Christians may not get or understand the complexities of the day but can still enjoy the family oriented part. Some can’t though. MLK Day: I’ll not comment as I know there are still some that don’t love diversity the way I do. Grow up. Valentine’s Day: single and alone? St. Patrick’s Day: recovering alcoholic? Your birthday: wanna punch people that say, “age is just a number?” July 4th: this is a great day but there is still a contingent that celebrates our nation by bashing other countries, cultures and ideals. Most of which we’ve stolen ours from. Get out and discover the world, not just your safe little place. There are many many more examples but you get the point.

This brings us to Mother’s Day. It seems that everyone takes a minute, if not the whole day to enjoy it. Mother’s of all shapes are appreciated. Current Mom’s are pampered and spoiled a little. Mom’s that have passed on are remembered in celebration. Even mom’s that don’t quite have their priorities in order are given their due. We’d be nothing without Moms.  It’s a warm day, a happy day. I didn’t see one negative comment, nothing. I can’t say that for every other holiday.