Normally I would be disappointed with a four over par round. Today was not a day to be upset. Six and a half hours is a long time to be on a golf course. Now add 20-30 mph gusting, swirling wind to that equation and you better be ready to grind your ass off. We started on 10 tee. It’s 600 yards and directly into the wind. I hit a driver slightly right, smoked a 2 hybrid that got hung up in the wind and my 3rd was still 200 yards. I gripped down my 230 yard club and ripped a low drawing shot at the green, a two putt par followed and so the day went. Tough shots, wind, slow and no putts dropped but I kept grinding and having fun no matter what.

Round two tee time is 7:30. Sleep I go. Going to make the cut.