I ask myself, “What am I doing back here?” This is an event and golf course that don’t really make sense. It’s a 54 hole ProAm that has a 36 hole professional cut. I’ve played in this event at least 10 times. The results have not really ever been that great and almost every year I drive out of the parking lot and say, “I’m never coming back…” Here I am, in my hotel room getting prepared for my 11:40 tee time.

The truth is that this dumb little event has so many underlying meanings to me, it’s hard to put into words. So instead of going deep here, I’ll list.

*This is one of the first professional events that I played in so many years ago. *We used to play here with a good friends father-in-law, who has sense passed on. I think about those fun rounds a lot with Rog, “hey boy!!!” *I get to play a practice round with a mentor, a great friend that taught me a lot of what I know about being a pro, thanks Perry. *The last time I played in this event, I missed the cut by 1, redemption coming. *The event is actually pretty well run. Too many players clogging up the golf course but none the less, well run. *I have a great amateur team that supports me, the 3 Johns. Their handicaps are too low but they are fun as hell to play with and drink beer with. *I have a fire that remains to play competitively, so what better place to test myself? *My life is stable, so life stuff isn’t in my brain getting in my golf brain way. *I have an great wife and daughter that I desperately want to make proud of me.

So, here we go. Game time.