I wrote this a few nights ago. I thought I would post it but by no means is it the thoughts of a well rested rational man.

It is very late, so this should be taken with a 3 am grain of salt.

Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? I have. There’s been one or two times an officer of the law has brandished his weapon with intent on keeping me at bay, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Have you ever heard that song, “mo money, mo problems…” I think it should be changed to ,” a certain amount of money, mo problems…” You see, I think we’ve finally made it. Making the correct amount of money so we can take our turn getting gang raped by our own country. Is that a harsh analogy? Yes and no.

When you are broke life is   more about survival. How to eat is more important than “deductibles” and “copays.” When you are below the “poor” index, life is actually pretty simple. Work, pay a few bills, buy groceries and with whatever’s left, go to the movies. It’s about surviving and trying to entertain yourself to distract your mind from thinking about being “poor.” That’s how we lived for years… I’m not on here to complain about my “new” lifestyle. I love what we’ve done. We bought a home this year. We had a baby. Our debt is as minimal as it can be  and I never thought I would or could be so happy. So why does America make it harder on us. If you are above the “wealth” index, you just blindly write checks to cover your family. Chances are you’ll make it back by close of market tomorrow morning. If you are “wealthy”, you live your dreams. If you are “wealthy,” chances are you forget where you came from or you’ve never been “there” in the first place. The funny thing is most people that think they are in that index, are more than likely still “upper middle.” You see, I get a chance to work with true “wealth” and it’s way different than what I had preconceived as “rich.”  And most people that think they are in the “middle class”, in fact are below that line. This is poorly written, as I am on 2.5 hours of sleep. I was up all night worrying about our future, even though I know for a fact we will be fine and we have been in much worse situations. We get hit but we hit back, true survivors. You see, I’ve forgotten where I came from.

The bottom line is this and hold on to your hats because a huge percentage of you won’t agree. Obama is right. The middle class is getting fucked. If you turn your head sideways and say, “he’s crazy.” There is a huge chance that you are not middle class, probably “poor” or “wealthy.” I really have no point here because it does not matter what the “middle class” thinks. We don’t line the pockets of government officials. We don’t have time to write letters, that no one will read. I am out of PTO, so I can’t picket. People that make the decisions often forget where they are from anyway. Violence is the only voice that seems to get attention. I don’t condone it but I don’t condemn it either.

This blog is not intended to start a riot. 3 am is a strange time to think, much less write. Be well my friends and remember, it can always be worse. Sorry for so many quotation marks, they are symbols for terms that lack meaning.

Off to work I go.