I’m never going to play in the US Open. I have the skill. I have all the shots.  I don’t have the several different kinds of “time” it takes. Time to practice, time to play and Father time are all being bitches.  Father time is an especially evil bastard that doesn’t wait for us to figure out our lives though. I applied to play this year and my application was denied. I played last year and shot a huge number. When you do that they put you on a sort of competitive suspension. You have to write a letter to the USGA’s competition committee. All you have to do is list the events and scores from the year after the US Open qualifying score was posted. This basically tells them that you are able to shoot a qualifying score and you are not wasting there time. Not a problem, unless you haven’t played any events this year. Wait, what?!?! I didn’t play a single event last year??? Huh, I hardly noticed, or did I? You bet I did. I need “time.” I’m spending my time learning how to be a better husband and a dad. Being as good as I can possibly become at these two things are the new dream. I hope I have the time.

I had a thought recently though. I can’t let go of who I am. I still practice when I can. I’m going to start playing a little here and there. I actually signed up to play an event at the end of this month, more on that later. I can chase multiple dreams at once. I just have to figure out how to negotiate time a little better. Here’s the thought that changed my thinking. My daughter is going to start speaking soon. She’s going to start asking questions. Some day she will ask why I gave up and “not having enough time” seems like a pretty shitty answer. “I gave it my all,” is what I desperately want to say to her.