I haven’t written much lately. Actually that’s a lie. I’ve written plenty, just not published. I’ve been experimenting with a couple different styles of writing, different mediums as well. You’ll know more about that in the near future. I thought I would check in and let everyone know what I’ve been up to.

Piper. She is growing like crazy and watching her mature from a baby into a slightly larger baby has been amazing. She’s becoming very aware of her surroundings and loves her mom and dad. Stephanie has gone back to work, so the logistics of commuting and care for the child have presented some challenges. We are lucky enough to have Piper’s grandparents down the road. They take her once a week and we found a small daycare that takes her three times a week. I spend Mondays with her and it is my favorite day. I wish I had more, maybe someday.

School. Hopefully I will be going back soon. I am proud of my decision to take this last semester off but I think it’s hurt a little. I have doubts but they are not that strong. I just have a long way to go and I’m no spring chicken. We’ll have to wait and see.

Family. It’s hard to keep up with everyone. My side is not close but I’m trying to change that. My brother and his family came down last week to hang out with Piper. It was fun having the kids around. I miss everyone and wish we were geographically closer but I wander if that would even matter…

Work. Work is work. I’m excel at it. It leaves me feeling empty sometimes though. What am I doing for society? I’m defiantly helping the economy but that’s about it. I’m making the best of it though and we’ll go from there.

Golf. I haven’t played but one or two rounds since baby girl has been around. I’m playing this morning though and am going to play a couple events this year. The dream doesn’t go away. It just lays dormant and waits for you to be ready. Again, like much of the rest of my life, it’s a wait and see……to be continued.

Friends. I struggle with this one. My wife is my best friend and I would never change that. There are days that I wish I had someone to meet at a bar and have a beer and bitch about life, talk sports and what not… I haven’t had a friend like that in a very long time. Applications available…

Have a great Sunday everyone!! Life is good. It’s hard to believe sometimes that a kid that once sat on a beach contemplating ending it all, would someday be thinking about his garden, trimming hedges and other married guy stuff. Crazy. I made it out the other side.