Dear Walt,

I get it. For the longest time I didn’t. It’s really that simple. The last few days we spent in your parks were just plain fun. I didn’t worry about life’s rigors. I didn’t worry about the future. I didn’t worry about our country, our people. I didn’t worry about our climate, this west coast drought and east coast snow slaughterhouse. I didn’t think about careers or opportunities that never appeared. I didn’t think about the “swing and miss” moments or the impending “teenage” years that my daughter is bound to put me through. All I did was have fun. Having gone on the “slowest” couple days of the year, we didn’t even have to wait in very many long lines.

My favorite moments were just watching the kids react to the characters. The little girls that insist on wearing their favorite princess dresses, complete with tiaras and light up tennis shoes. I transport forward and think about which dress Piper will want to wear. Who will she identify with? My other favorite moments were the rides themselves. How a grown man can be instantly turned into a child with a little adrenaline. Tower of Terror made me scream a guttural scream, a primordial scream. I’ve never heard that noise come out of me before. And then at the exit of the rides, an unfamiliar giggle, like an old friend that you haven’t seen in 20 years.

Thank you Mr. Disney for your creation. In a world that tries to beat us down at every corner, it’s nice to know there are places we can go to just have fun and “Let it Go…” And now I return to a job where I would like to tell people that they need to “Calm Down and Go To Disney Land.”

PS. The only thing that bothered me; Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. At the end, you crash your car and before you appears Satan. You are directed through a room that in filled with heat and flames, a representation of Hell  no doubt. WHAT?!?! That one confused me. If anyone can explain, it would be appreciated.


Your New Fan