Day 1 in the parks. We spent the entire day in California Adventure Park. It was pretty cool. I’ve said this whole time that this is a preview trip for when we bring Piper. What I’m realizing is that this is a trip for me, for us. Although, yesterday there were plenty of lessons to be learned. 1. You have to train to come to Disney. Miles were covered and I am a bit sore this morning. 2. A corn dog is not a sufficient lunch on my old ass stomach. Especially that I’ve spent the last 7 weeks eating healthy and losing weight. I was fine until this damn ride with the swings, a little dizzy after that one. 3. Water. Drink more. 4. The Fast Pass’s are crucial. We are here on one of the slowest parts of the year and it’s still pretty busy.

It was an awesome day and I think what I was the most impressed with are the details. Walking through Cars Land is walking through the movie set. Towmater is just as funny in person and the race through Radiator Springs is pretty cool.

Today: Disney Land. We walked through the park last night and walked up as they were getting ready to play Fantasmic. A great show that involves Mickey and his imagination. I won’t ruin it for you but in the end Mickey saves the day. I feel better knowing that my 5 month old’s favorite is a courageous character and will always be there for her, just like me!

Oh yeah, met one of my childhood heros. Goofy. He still cracks me up.