For several years of my young adult life I have verbally repressed Disney Land. I’m pretty sure people have left my life because of it. Can you trust someone that doesn’t like Mickey Mouse?  I have a big list of places that I had previously deemed “America at our worst.” Pebble Beach was part of last list as well. Truth. For my entire youth I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to visit these out of reach parts of America. When you think and say something for most of your life, it becomes your law. Yes, I do think there are unjustified expenses here. Costs are ridiculous but my eyes are opening to the MAGIC of it all. New thoughts: This place is pretty cool and it is what you make it. It’s possible that being a father now is changing the way I look through my own eyes.

Today: we left home early for a quick Southwest flight to Anaheim. We checked into Paradise Pier Hotel right next to the parks and we  meandered around Downtown Disney;  serious shopping, some drinks and a few sweet games of air hockey at ESPNZone. A nice night out that reminded both of us of our first months dating. We also met our first character, Russell. He is the kid from the movie UP. I was giddy taking pictures with him, a strange feeling for a grown ass man! ha.

Tomorrow: Rain. Rain will happen but we will rain coat up and venture into California Adventure Park. Apparently Cars’ Radiator Springs is the most popular ride right now. I’m excited to live my childhood now, as an adult with his new eyes….and Mickey ears.