Are we headed for another Civil War? It seems that there is so much divide in the world we live, the country we “love.” The “economic” divide is the widest in the world. Billions separate the wealth from the poor and each could care less about each other. Religious freedom is no longer respected. Ironic seeing our country was founded by people escaping religious persecution. Political ideals are scrutinized and ripped into like a fresh cut of meat. If my points of view don’t line up with yours or are “different,” I’m an idiot and should no longer be heard. Why can we no longer talk to each other with respect? Immunization of children is a hot-button topic right now and the extremism on both sides is frightening. If you read some threads on this and don’t come away with your head shaking, you may want to pinch yourself to see if your human. I could rant all day but nobody will hear me. You are so set in your ways. Extremely “right” and extremely “left” are the same thing. I worry about our country and the future that we are developing. It seems the only thing that will make both sides listen is money and violence. I’m not trying to insight anyone to be enraged. Life is good. Life in this country is amazing. I don’t understand the comments about our country going in the toilet. Go live somewhere else for awhile and get a different perspective…

I’m not here to tell everyone to get along. I understand that is never going to happen. I’m just here to ask if we can have some respect for each other. That goes for “opinion makers” that I’m on the same side of as well.

Have a great day everyone.