I am a grinder. I’ve often thought of this over the past 10-20 years. I’ve never really had a clear definition of what it means. I woke up to the reality of it this morning. You want to see real “grinders.” Go to a gym or any 24 hour workout facility at 4 AM on a Saturday. You’ve entered our realm, our domain. You won’t see the pumped muscles and inflated egos like later in the PM. It has no place here. Nobody is wasting valuable time sitting on a bench, chatting profusely about their new PR. The music is low. The focus is intense. I look around as I work and my mind evaluates my fellow allies. A gangly teenage boy in a corner rotating wall sits and lunges. Perhaps he was cut from his high school team. Perhaps he missed a big shot this last week. He works so it won’t happen again. There is a young lady busting it hard on a treadmill. Maybe she’s a young single mom trying to lose that difficult baby weight. She doesn’t have to be here but it’s the only time she can. There’s a very large man hitting the “core” area the entire time I’m there. I actually talked to him for a second. He lost 100lbs last year and tells me he’s got 100 to go. I have  a hard time contemplating that dedication. Amazing. There are two guys still in there work attire rotating between the dumbbell rack  and a bench. The night shift at what looks like some manufacturing plant, getting it in before they retire for the day. There are few here but the one’s who are, are GRINDERS. You see, we’re the crowd that is given nothing. We’re the crowd that has to put in 100% effort to get small incremental results. If you’re wandering where the term 120% came from, it’s here. Being pretty has no place on Saturday morning. Spandex give way to sweats. Overpriced Nike, Addias and Under Armor lack meaning in this sacred of times. I get my full potential from getting my ass out of bed on Saturday mornings. Do You? Saturday morning grinders don’t care what your answer is.

Is this a bit dramatic. Yes but have you ever been at a place like this at off hours. Pay attention and it can be very inspiring.  Interesting fact about the Super Bowl. There is not a player on either team that was a 5 star recruit out of high school. Pure grinders. No doubt they have seen Saturday morning workouts!

Have a great weekend and be safe everyone.