I’ve been asked a few times, “what kind of Dad are you going to be?” It’s really no secret that I didn’t have much male influence as a young child. My Mom and Dad separated when I was very young, I lived with Mom. I have two older brothers but one I call Cousin Ricky and Scott turned into arch enemy number 1. There were many Coaches but none of them ever really took me under their wing, one did but he left before I could really know him. So,  I stutter and don’t ever really answer the question. So, I’ve been combing the recesses of my brain to figure out what this means. I could never answer this but now I have a better understanding and actual male role models to take example from. So, partially, here is the kind of Daddy I want to be.

I want to raise my kids like my brother Scott does his, with intelligence. He gives them everything they need to be successful adults and expects great things from them.  I want to raise my kids like my brother in law Justin does his, with hard work. He shows his kids that if you work hard and do things the right way there is not much you can’t accomplish. I want to raise my kids like my cousin’s husband Keith does, with care, compassion and structure. He commands respect from his kids with love and caring, tough exterior but a teddy bear on the inside. I want to raise my kids like my father in laws does his daughters, brave and instilling courage in them to go live their lives without fear. He’s built a confidence in his girls that they can do and be what ever they want. This brief description of these men only scratches the surface of their greatness. I look up to these men as Fathers. I can finally apply some of the lessons I’ve learned by observing them. It’s true that I didn’t have role models when I was young but I do now and as a new Daddy, it’s important to recognize.  I will of course add my own personal touch to their lessons and be a great father in my own right. There’s no doubt.

Happy Sunday everyone. Enjoy the football games today. I’m cheering for the underdogs. #ChuckStrong and #AaronisFaking