As a younger man my thoughts of having a child were different. “How could I bring a kid into this world?” All I could see were the bad things. It’s really easy. All you have to do is turn on ANY news program or read any online news forum. The evils of the world get top billing, all the time. There is so much good and love out there. You have to dig to find it. There are stories of heroism or triumph. There are stories that should be told further, that should get those number 1 slots. My new mission this year is to tell some stories of my friends. Great people that I think other’s should know. I look through my list of Facebook friends. When your eye roll is done I’ll explain my list of friends and how it might differ from your own…………done?…….Ok, I know all my friends, yes,  there are a few that I haven’t had much contact with but a striking majority I know very personally. I scroll down the list and see so many amazing people living their dreams. It’s sometimes overwhelming. So, I’ll begin next week and of course I will get permission from these folks before telling too much. I want to celebrate the lives of great people doing great things. Please read along.

Back to my new thoughts as an older Dad.” How can we change the world if we don’t have kids? ” Every generation should be better than the last and I think we’ve gotten away from that. I want to raise my little girl to be better than me, not just a carbon copy of me. Amazing how much I’ve changed, isn’t it? We all do. If you’re one of those people that say, “people don’t change or can’t,” look yourself in the mirror and start saying “why not?”

Have a great Friday.