As we move into 2015, leaving ’14 in the dirt I sit and wonder what this year will hold. Last year was banner indeed. We worked incredibly hard and were eventually able to buy a house. Only a few years ago my credit score was so low even Target would scoff at it for a Red card. We were not only able to buy a house, we were able to secure a home for our new daughter. Piper Ann was born on October 1st. I really had no idea what this was about to do to me. It changes you in ways that you never thought possible. I think more about the future now than I ever did before. It has also changed my wife in ways I never thought possible. She has become the greatest Mom that I can imagine. Before Piper was born I was admittedly nervous about both of us being responsible for human life. I sit at work now and don’t worry a bit, she’s got the best of all Mom’s in her. She even sings everything to Piper, the sweetest singing voice I’ve ever heard.  In 2014 however, I forgot myself. I am fat, out of shape and a mental mess. Towards the end of the year, I’ve taken time to get to know myself, both diving into my past and figuring out what kind of a man I want to be (probably why I haven’t written often). You may be saying, “Billy! You are 38, you don’t know yet?” Looks like I’m going to be a late bloomer folks.

Facts are I have an amazing wife and the most frighteningly beautiful daughter. I have a lot to learn. I continue to learn to be better to and actually love myself. I am becoming a great father, although there are moments that I think someone else would be better suited for the job but I squash those thoughts quickly. I’m learning along with Piper, on the job training of sorts. The most important thing that 2015 will hold is that I continue to grow as a husband. My wife works nonstop to ensure we are the best we can be. There is no possible way I would be anywhere near where I am today without her. She deserves the best of what I have. I will stand here and admit she hasn’t always gotten it but I will not let that happen any longer. I am a husband first, father second and a student of my life; I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m ready for our journey to continue.

It’s been a month since I’ve written and a bunch of cool stuff has happened. Tomorrow’s topics will include but are not limited to; being Santa for a holiday party, first airplane trip with baby and being an officiant at my nephew’s wedding. Along with everything else, I can’t wait to continue writing!