I never really expressed publicly what I was thankful for this year. There are the obvious winners: my wife, my baby girl, our new house, my family, my health and being alive in general is pretty good. If I didn’t say those, I would punch myself in the face. As Turkey day was commencing  I read a lot of people’s “thanks” lists online and just found myself saying “ditto” a bunch. I didn’t want to be typical or vague in any fashion so I didn’t post anything. So like so much these days, I’ve taken my time thinking about it and have come up with a short list.

– I’m thankful for failing. I have failed so many ways and so many times but I seem to revive old and find new opportunities. I’m happy they still exist. Never give up looking for opportunity. The failure that I have experienced in recent years has opened my mind to many new things about myself that I thought once dead or at least missing. I move forward with eyes and heart wide open.

– I’m thankful for still carrying my dreams close to my heart. Even at the worst and lowest times those dreams burn a fire deep within. Sometimes it takes some serious swinging to punch my way back to them, but they always remain. I dream big. That big dream keeps me going, sledding through the deep. For some reason I think I’ve been spared for something huge. Let’s do it!

– I am thankful for love. There have been times that I thought I forgot what it was. This year has shown me what real love is, again in so many different and weird ways. Without Love, who cares? I’ve also started to learn how to love myself…unconditionally.

– I am thankful for people. I haven’t always been the biggest fan. I’m starting to realize that everyone has a story and those stories can be more interesting than anything I can put on a screen. I’ve also realized that people will listen to me, odd. Tell me your story.

– I’m thankful for learning. I never thought that I would be able to actually go back to school and even though I’m only taking one class this semester I’m about to nail down another A. Me, an A student… fucking crazy. (forgive the language but that’s how crazy it is)

– I’m thankful for teaching. I’ve met some of the best teachers in the last couple semesters. I am assured and confident it’s my calling. I teach, therefore I am. It may take me some time to get there but hey, what are a couple more months anyway….?

– I’m thankful for you. You are reading this and that means you have an interest in what I write. I really do write for myself but I love the feedback I’ve gotten over the years. I will continue to write and I apologize for the long pauses between. Life is busy and I need to smell the roses more.

Really though, I’m thankful for my wife and baby the most. Love you honey!