This is a very quick statement into a very serious situation. It would be easy for me to sit here and take a side. A kid got killed by an out of control cop. A police officer was just doing his job and thought his life was threatened. Both sides seem to  have valid arguments but unfortunately those arguments are not heard in a civil fashion. When two people get into a fight, a fight filled with passion and violence, they can’t hear each others’ words.

A cosmic wake up? Can both sides are right and both sides are wrong? Not here, this is our country; we are taught at a young age to view everything through a single lens, even if that lens is tainted. Make your decision what side you are on and never waiver. I read random posts saying, ” I would have shot him too…” “Another thug off the street, victory for the police…” and so on, the other, “Cops are out of control…” “I fear for my life everyday…” “Where’s justice?”  Wow, that was easy?!?!

I will fully admit that I don’t know the answers but I will never jump off on a keyboard and post random bullshit. There are two sustainable facts in this case that everyone will lose sight of. One: A young police officer will have to live the rest of his life with the fact that he took the life of a young man. It might not have even been his fault, poor training? And for you that say that you would have done the same thing, have you ever pointed a gun at another man and squeezed the trigger and watched someone die? Probably not is the answer. Two: a family lost a son. Was this son mixed up in the wrong crowd? More than likely but why does that make his life worth less. There are plenty of stories of kids making it out of the “hood” and being productive members of society. I got involved with the wrong people once upon a time. I’ve run from the cops. They didn’t shoot me. I may have even yelled things at police officers before, I’m still here.

I pray for peace today. I pray for understanding. Maybe instead of just throwing hate at each other we can actually learn from this. Teach your kids to use different lenses, different ways to view the world. Not everything is cut and dry and perhaps someday not everything will be black and white.