There are many moments from my childhood that remain vague. There are many that in my continued work inside that I am trying to make more clear. I will say though that there were a lot of great times growing up and I apologize if I’ve made it sound like a horrible upbringing because it definitely wasn’t all bad. There are memories that I miss so bad that I close my eyes and can smell the air. These are just a couple.

I miss my grandparents deeply. When you are the last born to an older family you are going to lose your grandparents at a young age. My grandmother and grandfather on my Dad’s side passed when I was very young. I don’t remember much but I can still grasp the feeling of their old home and their cat. It’s name was Shitty Cat, hard to forget. I remember buying a set of small cars and playing on their linoleum floor in the kitchen. I remember her wrinkly skin and an overall kindness. I remember goats out back, possibly neighbors, and one of my cousin’s teasing me that the goats were calling my name, “Biiiiiiiiiiily,” funnier in person with a goat accent. That’s about it. Unfortunately they left me at a very young age. Maybe I will come up with more some day. My Mom’s parents stuck around a bit longer but I still lost them early. My grandfather left earth when I was 12ish and my grandmother when I was in my early twenties. Both of these times are critical in my life and this loss did not help. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with these two as a kid. I went to their house for at least of month of most summers and most Christmases. I have so many fond memories it’s impossible to select one for this short entry, maybe I’ll start sprinkling them in here and there. The funniest thing however is that I never spent any time at friend’s grandparents’ houses, so I just figured this is what grandparents are like. You see they lived “till death do you part.” They stayed together because they were “supposed” to. One day, around my 13th birthday, I went to sleepover at a friends’ grandparents house. 13 years of developing an idea, ok??. I watched in amazement and left with so many unanswered questions. Why are your grandparents eating at the same table? Why are they watching the same tv program and laughing at the same jokes? And what the heck are they doing sleeping in the same bed and much less the same room??? Funny now but so confusing then. More on them to later…

I miss Michael Jordan. When you grow up where I did there are few cable tv channels but there are a couple that are standard. WGN out of Chicago was a staple in our house, even though I’ve never been to Illinois. We found the Bulls actually before Mike but when he was drafted it was a game changer…in my house. My mother worked, a lot. There are 6 of us but during my formidable years there were just my brother and I in the house. The only thing that brought the 3 of us together wasn’t family meals, it wasn’t church, it wasn’t school events, it was the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls, our common ground. There are games I remember almost exactly what happened on the court but even more specific I can tell you what we were wearing and how we were seated in the living room. I loved Mike so much that I modeled my putter grip after his, left hand low. Thanks for the memories.

That’s about all the nostalgia I have in me this morning. Have a great day and oh yeah, I forgot to mention Baby girl slept through the night last night!!! big victory!!!