There’s not a whole lot I can say that will encompass the love I felt for my birthday. Many great wishes online from far distances that without the power of the internet, would probably never exist. I thank you so much, you really have no idea what exactly it means.

For those of you wandering what a 38 year old does for his birthday a quick summation: sleep in…this is a luxury that I once thought would never be so coveted; so blessed when it happens. Thank you to the most amazing wife. Then, inadvertently we had a very “B” birthday. I rose and made Bacon and eggs. From there I was sent to the store and I picked up Beer for myself, Boddington’s Beer to be precise, from Great Britain. We hung out for the morning watching my favorite shows on DVR and before heading out I gave Baby girl a much needed Bath. That’s a Big Bonding moment for us. We went and met the Munson family, not all were present (missed you guys)…., and you guessed it, We Bowled!!! After a game at the alley, we went to the inlaws house for a BBq. I got some awesome gifts like the key Board I’m typing on right now; one to go with the Surface Pro my wife got me and a sweet Broque complete with tiny bottles of scotch and a cigar. My mother in law thought it fitting to build me something from Pinterest because of my voiced distain for that web service, mouth shut from now on.

My birthday this year was amazing. I can’t help smiling when thinking about it. I had been at odds with it for many years and what I’ve learned is to just relax and let it happen. When people care about you it’s impossible to not have a great day.  I’m excited to continue Blogging about my crazy life and keep trying to unlock new doors to new adventures.

I wander, do you think Bumgardner won because it was my “B”irthday”??? Go Giants?!?!?