Our daughter was born at 9:03 am on October 1st. She was 8 pounds and 10 ounces. The entire process of having a baby has been even more than I could have ever dreamed. In fact it feels like a dream. Possibly that being it was an overnight labor and morning birth leaving us both deprived of sleep; that made it even more surreal. I wanted to write a baby blog. My idea was to be original and try to avoid cliche “new parent” meaning. It is somewhat impossible. She is “the most beautiful baby” I’ve ever seen. I tried a different angle and was going to write from her perspective. I couldn’t make it Not sound like a “Look Who’s Talking” remake and writing it in “real” time would just be kind of boring. “I ate. I slept. I pooped.” -Piper’s life. So, I thought about it. I thought long. You haven’t heard from me in many weeks; I’ve pondered that hard. Piper is us. She is a glorious addition to our family. This blog is about my life. I don’t need to start a new blog. My life, in fact, has Not Changed. I am still in school, I have to go to work on Tuesday and will still write about it all. What has changed? My perspective on life is a little different. I drive a little different. I stand a little taller. I’m looking not only toward my own future but now her’s too. Remember, future is still a relatively new idea to me. My attitude to being a father of a little girl has changed. I won’t lie, I was looking forward to possibly having a boy. The image of playing catch in the back yard and little league games was in my head, like a lot of guys. When that perfect little hand wrapped it’s fingers around my pinkie mere minutes after being born those previous thoughts melted away. In my wife’s words, “she is exactly what I wanted…”


My first dream about Piper was in the hospital. After many hours up I finally got some sleep. I dreamed we were home and Piper came running down the hall, still as an infant. She jumped up on the end of the bed and said, “hey Dad, can I get the car keys? I’m going out tonight.” I spastic-ally woke in a panic and assured myself, “Not yet…soon probably but Not yet…”

This kid is already 1 week old and we already have a bunch of stories to share, I will work them in as we go. I have finally caught up on sleep and feel I can write more frequently so enjoy and I do appreciate feedback and comments.