I apologize for taking your lord’s name in vain. The National Football League is just really irritating to me at this point in my life. This is just going to be an old fashion rant written in my best Andy Rooney pen.

Rules: they have turned football into a non-contact sport. You can’t touch a receiver or quarterback inappropriately. I get the fact that they are the franchise players and bring in the most money but come on!?! They know what they signed up for when they were kids. The kids that didn’t want to bring or feel the pain stayed on the basketball court, yeah I’m talking about you. Ok, so throw your flag for pass interference, fine. Wait, that’s a spot foul and could be equivalent to a 50 yard pass play?!?! I think they should, they won’t, but I think they just need to make it a 10-15 yard penalty (NCAA a role model?). Getting rewarded over half the field because a defensive back lovingly touched the receivers’ hand is crap.

Celebration penalties: I can see showing up another player by standing over them after a big hit or taunting but taking the fun out of the end zone is ridiculous. I heard a commentator once say that they need to behave as professionals. UUUUmmmm, they are adult men dressed in florescent tights making millions to play a game… Dance away big boys, you win the “only in America” game!! LET THEM DANCE!!

Commentators and broadcasters: suck. Why do they get to keep their jobs if they suck year after year? If I have a few bad months in a row, my job comes into question yet guys like Joe Buck are still allowed to be lame duck broadcasters. I’m sure there are a ton of talented young guys and girls out there just waiting for a chance or an act of Jebus to get an open chair.

Corruption: Roger Goodell and most (or some) of the owners. The commish made 44.2 million dollars last year. Is is a big surprise to anyone that he would lie to keep that revenue stream? I’m not saying that every millionaire is corrupt or a bad person, that’s my Mom speaking (sorry Mom) but usually where there is smoke there is someone burning a few million to keep there name’s clear.

The criminal element: doesn’t really bother me that much. NFL players are people and they are a diverse cross section of America. There are criminals in America, get what I’m saying? I would think that being a public figure and making that much dough would make yourself… hold yourself to higher standards but what did Rick James tell us, “cocaine is a hell of a drug…” Again, not pigeon holing every NFL player into a narcotic using lunatic but you try to get your ass beat over and over again, day after day, year after year and see how your body feels. I played little guy, high school and a very small amount of college football and I ended up with a pretty good pain killer dependency. Add money and a get what ever I want and “need” mentality to that and it’s a recipe for punching wives. A despicable act but not really surprising, so stop acting like it. The older generation got away with much worse, I’m sure of it. Watch some classic NFL films footage and look into those players eyes. The difference: no video on every corner, no Twitter holding them accountable.

Charles Barkley: remember when we ridiculed him for doing the commercial, “I am not a role model…” Talk to your kids, teach them the difference before you have to answer the question about why there “favorite player” that they “love and admire” got caught doing something against the law or even worse throwing an interception to lose a game!!!

All of this ranting lunacy and loathing I feel for this league but guess where I’ll be Sunday. I’ll have the Redzone blasting in my house because I still love the game. Yes, I am a hypocrite and if you look at the TV ratings, so is America.