I’ll never forget the images of 9/11. It should no longer be a day of remorse or sadness though. Nor should it evoke celebration, only remembrance. I didn’t personally know anyone in the towers but through only 1 degree of separation, I knew many. Those are the families I think about, the one’s who lost people in an act of terrible humanity. It was just another example of human cruelty towards one another. “A day in infamy” for sure; not a day for chest thumping but remembering.

It was also the day I moved to Arizona and started a new chapter. I thought I knew what “hot days” were until I met Lake Havasu City Arizona; more on that some other time. Arizona would determine my future, it is where I would meet my muse and inspiration for being a better man. I love you honey. Thank you for challenging me everyday to be great.

More to come today…trying to write more and keep up with my brain and evolving universe…