I may have distanced myself to extinction in the minds of the relevant. I get no calls, have no texts. I posted after the earthquake that we were ok and “thanks for your concern.” That was sarcasm folks. 1 text, 2 calls. 6.0, less than 10 miles from my house. I have no comments to post because I was taught “if you have nothing nice to say…” and I don’t like to complain. FML? Try living in someone’s shoes that make your problems look microscopic. I stood in line at the grocery as a homeless gentleman in front of me paid for a bottle of water with nickels and dimes. I did nothing, I am no philanthropist. I run water through a filter on my refrigerator when I’m thirsty. I don’t have much to say these days but I do read. I read and wander what planet you live on and how brainwashed you are (speaking to nobody specifically but a lot in general). People I would like to befriend are too smart and our class structure in this country clearly notates “no class mixing.” Are these rantings of a lunatic? Legitimate words? Or just me stiring an empty pot? I don’t know either…

As the days of parenthood approach I am beginning to feel the sting of pressure. Will I be a good father?!?! The question pounds in my brain. “Are you going to run away like your own?” The second voice takes over. I’m unbelievably positive the outcome will be great and that voice is quickly thwarted. You see I’ve surrounded myself with greatness and I’m just trying to blend in. That’s the secret isn’t it? Those few calls and texts came from a small circle of caring people. That’s a new concept to me. Who am I talking to? You? or myself? Where is this going? Mad I tell you.

Pych majors have fun with that one but don’t forget to have a great Friday and a memorable long weekend. Football season is here and I am so long removed from the game but still get ancy and a little weird. That’s my alibi and I’m sticking to it.