Some days I don’t give a flying fuck. There’s an interesting term. I would research it, maybe hit up the Google machine but that would be contradictory of my feeling. I’m tired of being a contradiction to myself, so there will be no history lesson today. Humanity loses me some days and strikes me as a future endangered species. Fuck it, hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go. The cool thing is that right when I’m about to just quit you people, I see something that hits me and leaves me in “awe.” That warm feeling kind of “awe” and it makes me feel like, “we might be alright…people are good” Maybe I do give a flying fuck…Shit, I am a contradiction…a sham… I’ve fooled myself again. Hypocrite. Good Gawd I need friends. Have a great dumb-ass “Hump Day.” I didn’t have anything to write about today and probably will lose some readers with this one…bye.

On a lighter note: the countdown to Baby Grant is only a few weeks away. Time to get my Dad crap together. I wander what he/she will think when he/she reads a post like this. I apologize in advance Baby! Love you.

PS…Bad traffic makes me cranky and traffic is never good here…