Two years ago right now, I was pacing the halls of our hotel. I ran into my father-in-law to be and he seemed as anxious as me, not nervous. Excited. The night before I stayed out fairly late with my cousin and best friend. The three of us had one of those nights that emotionally doesn’t match description, definitely a had to be there situation. Later that afternoon I joined a family that is almost as crazy as my own, as my nephew said this weekend, “we have crazy covered…” lol..

This morning I scanned through Facebook pictures of basically Stephanie and I’s last 8 years together and I can say that life is good. Life before her was mundane and not really directed. As we get ready to add to “our” family and begin a new adventure, that same anxiousness from the morning of our wedding has entered my soul. Excited.

Off to the city we go for a brief adventure to celebrate our 2nd year of husband and wife. Not too much today because I believe the 2nd is the “brown paper bag” anniversary…? And both of our feet will be sore by the end of the day, “sympathy feet.”