A couple quickies this morning, oh yeah!!

-If you wanna see the worst of humanity look at any strand on the internet. People say the most hateful ugly things from the comfort of their basements. You know they are all in their basements, right?

-The older I get the less I root for sports teams and the more I care about players. There are some pretty amazing stories that don’t get pub out there. I feel the need to find them.

-The NCAA is one of the worst organizations in the country. Notice I didn’t say the world, FIFA has that market covered.

-The golf business is trending in a downward direction fast, yet I don’t know a single PGA professional that is doing anything about it. I hear “generate revenue” more than “grow the game.” Without people, the jobs will continue to be lost.

-If anyone has good Throw Back Thursday pictures with me in them…who are we kidding, I avoided the camera pretty good “back in the day.”

-I miss my skateboard. I don’t miss pain.

-I’m going to go now. My wedge is calling.