Yesterday’s entry. I just wanted to thank everyone that read and shared my letter I posted. Suicide is not a simple subject. It is very grey. Your opinions were varied and interesting. We say this all too often but I really hope that this will open lines of communication. Over the last few years there have been a few suicide deaths of people from my home town but as it goes for most uncomfortable subjects it is swept under the rug. If you don’t talk about it; it doesn’t exist. Wrong. Robin Williams is currently being celebrated for his amazing talent and career, justified. We use words like “in a better place” and “at peace,” and it’s kind of passe, unjustified? Please, if you have a depressed teenager or young person in your midst, talk to them. Make sure they understand what the word “suicide” means and that they really can be helped and are not alone. If you are reading this and feel this way; I am listening. Call me. Reach me. I’ll join your team and your fight, it’s the least I can do.

Now some lighter stuff!!

The worst thing about Saturday is that it’s only Wednesday. I know, I copied that from somewhere. I am just really anticipating this weekend. 1. I am taking a freaking Saturday off. One of the more miserable traits of the golf business is working weekends and holidays. I’ve been very lucky to find my way to this company however and haven’t worked a Sunday or major holiday in three years. Put down your fingers regular golf pros, it’s a choice to work on that side…or is it?

My nephew and his fiancee are driving up for the weekend. My mother-in-law is hosting our baby shower and it is traditional. Traditional in the fact that it’s women only. The dad-in-law is being kind enough to host a couple of us at his club. I don’t remember the last round of golf I played on a Saturday. I am looking forward to the escape, even if it is only a few hours. It will be fun to play golf with my nephew as well. There is not a person I know that loves the game as much. It’s been fun watching and listening to him get better. His words have helped remind me what it means to me; it’s really not just a game. Thanks Craig.