Time rolls on. It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything on here. You may wander why or you may not give a shit. Anyone that knows me, that number continues to shrink, knows that I do not lack opinions on any subject and every subject. So, if this is a blog based around my life and social commentary and both are continually frantic; why am I not writing about it? There’s a few contributing factors to my lack of blog-itude. 1) I have no time. It’s a lame excuse for anything. I’ve said so many times it’s ridiculous. Why is it so hard to break habits? When you spend up to four hours a day getting to and from work, the time you have at home is sacred. The things that suffer are turned meaningless and unfortunately those are the things that personally mean the most. 2) There are so many things I want to write about, somedays I get “topical overload.” So I ask you to bare with me during these writing droughts. I haven’t forgotten what this means to me and to some of you.

So many things to write about you say? Well, here’s a quick fire topic list, some from the world and some from my brain. This is why it’s hard for me:

-Commercial Planes going down around the world
-Why Religion pisses me off
-Will my class have a 20 year reunion, or will we continue to ignore each other?
-Tiger trying to recover his game and reinvent his image
-The interesting people I meet through my job
-The ProAm I played in and meeting John Solheim, an Icon
-Why I don’t make political statements anymore
-I haven’t said anything about Major championship golf since the Masters, why?
-Why I don’t think Rory is the savior of the game
-You make comments about throwing the President out of office but never mention Congress, so dumb (so much for not making political statements)
-God, I’ve heard I don’t believe in anything…Does anyone know me?
-Why my own family continues to piss me off?
-You really can never go home again
-My golf equipment, the continued evolution…almost perfect.
-More from my twenties, why I really should be dead?
-How I might be the best Father ever…to be determined
-How I might be the worst Father ever…to be determined
-Why I can’t just write TBD and assume you know what that means
-Cell phones, I’m pissed that I’ve joined the masses
-Television programming has hit an “idiot wall”
-Social Media
-and On and On and On…

So you ask why I have a hard time writing some days? This is my brains thoughts for about 10 minutes of my commuting this morning…yeah, I’m confused too…